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Noticed some exterior places around your home where some rotting has occurred or a rodent has tried to claw through? Maybe your gutter has started to pull away or pieces of wood hanging. Also, paint has started to crack and chip in areas. Some of these common exterior areas around the home are fascia, soffit, and/or frieze board.

What is Fascia or Fascia Board?

If you look at a home with gutters, you will notice the gutters are fastened to a board. That board is the fascia board (pronounced “face-sha”).

FASCIA-REPAIR-NO-LIMIT-ROOFING-EAST-MEMPHISIt is the exterior framing of the roof rafter. It is directly installed at the edge and helps protect your home from the elements.

What is Soffit?

Soffit is the material between the roof’s eaves where the fascia board is and connects the fascia board to the exterior wall of the house. It is the underside of the roof overhang. SOFFIT-REPAIR-NO-LIMIT-ROOFINGSoffit can have vents or no vents. You can also have soffit vents installed.  Soffit materials can be wood, vinyl, aluminum, or fiber cement.



What is Frieze Board?

Frieze board is commonly confused as fascia. A frieze board is a board that is directly on the house, typically a brick house and is up near the top of the exterior wall and meets the soffit. It can also be installed at an angle on a gable. The frieze board ensures there aren’t any gaps between the soffit and siding/or exterior wall of home. This board also helps keep water from seeping down between the siding. You may notice a piece of trim usually like a 1×2 or piece for moulding added for decoration or to seal the gaps.  Frieze board also adds a more decorative, completeness aesthetic to the home as a whole

Can Fascia, Soffit, or Frieze Board Be Repaired or Replaced?

Yes, all can be replaced and repaired. This is part of home maintenance as a home owner. Depending on the age of the home, these areas will need some repairs at some point in time. At No Limit Roofing, we replace fascia, soffit, frieze board, and/or trim. We charge by the linear foot (lf) which mean basically per foot. i.e we replace $20/lf of fascia and 300 ft of fascia is replaced, your total cost is $6,000.  This is just an example and prices vary.

How Do I Know If It Needs To Be Replaced?

It looks rotted or is showing signs of rotting. There is a leak somewhere around the fascia or soffit. The paint may peel, bubble, or crack. However, just because you notice the paint doing this does not mean the wood is rotted or damaged. It can be just a bad paint job, wrong type of paint, old paint, and just need to be caulked and repainted. You can also push on the board with a screw driver or the back end of a hammer and if the wood gives in or wood flakes, it is showing signs of rotting and will be cut out and replaced. Also, any replaced fascia, soffit, or frieze board should be caulked–painting optional. Another sign it needs replaced is if you start to notice holes or scratches from rodents such as squirrels, raccoons, or possums.

When Should I Get Fascia and/or Soffit Replaced?

If you are getting new gutters installed, that is the perfect time to check for rotted fascia/soffit and have it replaced. You do not want your new gutters rehung on bad fascia. Also, communicate with whoever is installing your gutters and ask them if they replace fascia or soffit. Some gutter companies do not do these repairs, and you will need to hire someone who does replace fascia and soffit which can delay gutter installation and incur costs.  At No Limit Roofing, when we give a gutter estimate we give a price quote for fascia and soffit replacement as well in the estimate. This makes it easier to have it all done at one time versus working with multiple contractors.vinyl soffit repair

When you notice the damage or suspect these areas need repair, give No Limit Roofing a call and we will provide an estimate on replacing damaged fascia and/or soffit.

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