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After a couple of weeks ago, Memphis went through an ice storm many of us will not forget and are still recovering from the storm damage.

Storm Season

limb in roof from ice

Now with the season changing, Memphis is about to go through a different kind of storm season. One that has strong winds and heavy rains, and possibly tornadoes. The months of March, April, and May are when some of the strongest storms roll through the Mid-South. From our experience, sometimes the storm will go south to our neighbors in Southaven and Olive Branch, MS and swoop back up around Collierville, Piperton, and Rossville, TN, or go north and hit only Millington, Arlington, and Lakeland areas.

limb in roof from ice and damage gutter

Regardless, Shelby County and Memphis is affected by these storms in some way.

At No Limit Roofing, we understand the importance of a roof on your home. It is your first line of defense from weather elements and debris. This is the perfect time to do an assessment of your roof. Now, we are not asking you to climb up on your roof and take a look yourself. That is dangerous and no homeowner should be up on a roof unless they are a professional roofer. But, if you notice missing, creased shingles, or notice stains on your interior ceilings and the age of the roof is 25-30 years for architectural shingle or 15-20 years on a standard 3-tab, it is time to have a roofer inspect your roof and give you an estimate for replacement or repairs.

limb through wallUsually homeowners wait until something catastrophic happens or the small leak become large enough to the point of a steady stream of entering is now entering the home. In the event of a storm coming through and causing damage, we have a list of steps to walk you through after it happens. You can even print out the list by clicking on Storm Damage scroll to the bottom and click “Download Storm Damage Checklist

What To Do If You Experience Storm Damage

If you experience damage during a storm, do not panic. When you start to notice a drip from the ceiling, grab an empty trash can or bucket and set it  under the area. Then pick up the phone and call your local roofer. If a branch has struck the roof, again grab something to collect the water and call your  roofer. They will get out there as soon as they can to remove the debris and tarp the hole. Please understand that some roofers will not get out there during a storm to assess damage due to the safety hazard. However, do not be afraid to call as soon as it happens to get on the schedule.

Roof Assessment:

Again, we do not recommend that you climb on your roof. Especially after a storm, the roof structure may be weakened and shingles may be slippery. If you suspect roof damage, call No Limit Roofing who you can trust to assist you with you assessment.

  • Assess your roof for storm damage. Walk around the perimeter of your home and photograph or take note of any damage. Be sure when taking photos your take a far back picture and then zoom in and take another picture. Sometimes zoomed in pictures become pixelated or another party such as an insurance agent can’t identify which part of the roof it is.  Look for obvious signs of damage: dented, torn, curled, or missing shingles.
  • Check gutters and gutter guards, roofing accessories (ridge caps, ridge vent, vents, drip edge) , and windows. Though your shingles may appear undamaged, dents in gutters and roof vents may point to a different roof damage. Also, be sure to inspect windows for cracks, loose weather stripping, and torn screens.
  • Inspect the area around your home. Check for fallen limbs, broken fences and damage to lawn furniture and exterior decorations. Look closely at flat surfaces such as patios and decks for sign of hail damage if hail occurred.
  • Look for leaks in your attic and ceilings. Even though your roof may appear undamaged from the outside, wind and hail may have caused leaks that can lead to problems later. Check ceilings and light fixtures for signs of water, and inspect your attic closely with a flashlight.
  • Call No Limit Roofing, your local contractor you can trust. After a storm, there maybe many contractors competing for your attention. Make sure your choose a contractor you can trust to assess your damage, provide an estimate, and replace your roof using proven products.

Call Your Local Roofer Before Filing Insurance Claim

While after a storm some homeowners will call their insurance carrier to start a claim, we recommend calling your local roofer first to assess the damage and then call your insurance carrier. The reason we suggest this is because 1.) Do you know your deductible 2.) Sometimes it’s a minor repair, and you don’t want the claim being filed on record.limb stuck in roof

For example: You have a limb hit your roof and put a small hole in it, you just got the roof installed 5-7 years or recently installed. Your insurance deductible is $1,000. You decide to file the repair claim under your insurance carrier. The insurance company is only paying $500 to repair it + your $1,000 deductible. The repair estimate from the roofing company is $975. You are still having to come out of pocket plus you have a claim filed on your insurance. Some people prefer not to have a claim filed on their homeowners insurance until an occurrence where the damage is excessive.

Better to be prepared and know what to do before it happens. If you have any questions about your roof, filing a storm damage claim with your insurance carrier, or would like a roof replacement estimate or repair estimate, give us a call 901-590-0058.


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